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Online Maps Service

Access to online map tools to locate an address or to get directions to a specific location is commonplace. Power engineers benefit from such a tool to quickly locate a substation, a particular feeder, a street corner, or to pinpoint the address where a fault occurred.

With the CYME Online Maps Service, you can now view the most commonly used online maps as a background map of your georeferenced distribution system model.

Service Features

The CYME Online Maps Service provides the capability to view your electrical network model over Google?maps and MapQuest?Open maps.

More specifically, the service allows you to use different map formats from popular online map providers, including:

  • Google?Road
  • Google?Satellite
  • Google?Hybrid
  • Google?Terrain
  • MapQuest?Open Street maps
  • MapQuest?Open Satellite
  • MapQuest?Open Hybrid

With this option, the user can locate equipment and devices on the one-line diagram using street addresses, X/Y coordinates or GPS coordinates. Additionally, the simulation results can be viewed just as if in a Google?map view.

The Online Map Service can be used in conjunction with the CYME Geographic Overlay module to display online and offline maps simultaneously; allowing the engineer to view additional geographic information more specific to the utility as multiple layers. This includes the network connection information, assets, resources, etc.; but also land register, rights of way, hydrography, topography, land cover, land use, population density, etc.

The functionality of both components is accessed through a comprehensive background map control tab in the CYME software.

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